Our Story

The birth of MAM life started with a vision and a dream! The brand was inspired by my initials, Masey Anna Miguel. Simply, my life and healing passed down to you. The creation took about five years to bring into fruition, and it is my greatest hope that each and everyone of you feel the love that has been poured into this healing business & lifestyle. The all natural cork yoga mats are from the lands of Portugal. My family comes from Soa Miguel Island where it is known for its rich marine life, remarkable volcanic landscapes and botanical greenery off of the coast of Portugal. When my uncle was explaining our family heritage and how the cork industry is Portugal’s most important export, I had a vision of cork yoga mats and a life full of earth friendly products that nurtured the needs of humanity and consciousness. Trust the process as you connect with your soul and these sacred trees, feel the wisdom and healing that they provide from their ancient roots. We are here to remember. Let’s all walk each other home.

Giving Back

There are cycles to everything in this human experience and MAM Life wanted to extend the beautiful cycle of giving back. When you purchase a MAM Life yoga mat, you will also receive a free cork pen to enjoy as a thank you for helping contribute to planting a tree and supporting the MAM Life journey. The cycle of giving and receiving is in full effect with our conscious business mindset.